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Key Smart

The Swiss Army Knife for Keys

Handmade in the USA it says on the packet. The way it all fits together I’m thinking it’s not made for the UK market – or standard Yale type key.

The USB key that I paid $13 for (roughly £8.40) from Keysmart, I can get from Amazon at the moment for £3.78. Once inserted into the Keysmart it doesn’t all seem to fit as intended. To clarify – it fits in, but I don’t seem to be able to arrange it so that once everything is assembled the USB drive closes up neatly. It sticks out at an angle as the keys are preventing it from closing within the housing. Nice idea in principle – but simply either doesn’t work,  it’s too complicated for my simple mind or it’s not designed to go with the average UK “Yale” type key.

The pocket clip can be bought for £8.95 from Heinnie – so it’s a bit cheaper from Keysmart. However – there seems to be a fundamental flaw with this – and it could be the overall downfall of the whole design for some people.

One you insert any kind of split ring into the “loop piece” or the bottle opener – it prevents the keys from rotating fully. They will still open at right angles, but movement is impeded. This may not be a problem for most people, but I feel it ruins the sleek design and makes it a bit cumbersome in use. This could probably be overcome by extending the “loop piece” – but that said, I wouldn’t use it…

One of the best features of this device is its sleek design. Adding extra bits and pieces ruins the beauty of it in my opinion. It’s like a super cool Swiss Arm Knife for keys. It works well, looks and feels good. I love it. However my only concern is i may lose it as it’s so sleek!!

If you’re thinking about getting one of these, I would say go for it – but keep it simple and don’t get the accessories!! Ordering was simple from the Keysmart and it arrived in blighty within a couple of weeks.

N.B I tried the bottle opener.  Don’t bother with it.  It’s not fixed to anything and therefore gives very little leverage.  It did the job but it wasn’t a good tool!


Purchased $ Wished I hadn’t $
Key Smart 20.98
USB 16GB 13.98 13.98
Bottle opener 2.98
Pocket Clip 9.98 9.98
Expansion Pack 1.98
Total 49.90 23.96
Should have Spent 25.94

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