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New Table Saw Stand

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I showed great restraint at the D&M Tool Show last weekend.  In fact I was just about to walk out at the end of the day without spending a penny.  Just as I got to the door – I saw this bad boy (table saw stand) all sparkly and shiny – calling out for me to buy him and take home.   I think it may be a new item in the Bosch range – but it was exactly what I needed!!

I took delivery of it today and I had a bit of fun assembling it.

The stand is the same style as my chop saw stand.  I thought I’d share some pictures.

My intial thoughts are that it’s brilliant.  It’s very easy to move around and therefore it makes it very easy to free up some space in my little shed.  I’ve folded it up with saw attached and parked it up against the wall, leaving me much more of a work space for when a table saw isn’t required.

I haven’t used it in anger yet so I’m not sure how stable it is.  But first impressions are it’s very good.  It’s going to make shed life a bit easier me thinks.

I’d never had occasion to move my chop saw – but thought I’d try that out whilst I was in the mood.  It’s a lot heavier than the table saw – but still very manouverable if required.

I’ll add some further details later.

Table Saw

  • Saw – Bosch GTS 10XC
  • Stand – Bosch GTS 10XC

Chop Saw

  • Saw – Bosch GCM 12GDL
  • Stand – Bosch GTA 2500W

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