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Ring Automotive RIL4000 Ultra Bright

I feel like a theme is developing.  Perhaps I’m a secret flashaholic (which by the way is a great website). I’ve got another two posts to write on torches or lamps. This little gem was bought on the back of the Ring RIL50. I was so impressed with that one – I thought I’d replace my workshop inspection lamp with its big brother – the Ring Automotive RIL4000 Ultra Bright.

To take the photos – I turned the workshop lights off and therefore all the pictures are taken in total darkness, other than the light from the lamp – with the exception of one (see if you can guess which one that is.)

My initial reaction is that the build quality is good. It feels sturdy and has a very positive clunky switch. Press the switch once and it activates the torch (which means you are less likely to blind yourself – unless you are looking down the end of it – in which case you get what you deserve!) Press the switch for the second time and it activates the main lamp. The throw of light is excellent as you can see from the way my temporary workbench has been illuminated. The magnets seem to hold the weight of the lamp, the swivelling hook, swivels and hooks and if you bend the lamp at the designated bending point – it sits up nicely and can be placed on a worktop of floor quite easily.

All in all I’m very pleased with it. It’s a much brighter and clearer light than my old inspection lamp – and I’m expecting good things from the lithium ion battery (although I’ve not had cause to really test battery life so I can’t comment really.)

As with lots of posts on this site – this little gadget needs to be used and I will update the post as I go along.

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