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Ring Automotive RIL50 Essentials Pocket Lamp


RIL50I really can’t rate these highly enough.  I bought one having seen all the superb reviews on Amazon.  It arrived next day – and I have to say it’s fantastic.  I don’t want to get too carried away here as it is what it is – it’s a little LED lamp.  And it does exactly what you would expect it to, and does it very well.

I’ve now got one in various tool boxes, one in the car and bought a few for friends.  For the price you just can’t go wrong and they are well worth having either as an emergency light for the car / van or just something to slip pinto your EDC.  Just buy one!! (or two)

  • 8 super bright LED’s
  • very robust
  • 250 Lux
  • including 3 x AAA batteries

….Thats whats it says on the description on Amazon.  £5.53 on Amazon prime. –

Click the advert below and I might earn a couple of pence to.  Go on….

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