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Virgin Media – But not at weekends

Quite possibly the most appalling customer service on the planet

I wish I had enough time to write down the saga of Virgin Media.  They really are useless.

With an ongoing fault in the area, (so I’m guessing this is not specific to me,) I have been assured that they are doing everything they can to resolve it.   However I have been assured that whilst they are working on it – it is very unlikely that broadband will work at the weekends.  It might work – but it might not be very good.

The customer service agents are a waste of space.  They will not offer any form of compensation and really don’t give a stuff.  You mention it on twitter and you get run round in circles with an operator that can’t actually look at your account – so that’s another waste of time.

I’ve been told that although it’s an ongoing issue I have to ring up every time it’s not working before they will refund me for the loss of service.  With an intermittent fault – this really is time-consuming.  They will not however compensate for the time it takes to get through to their utterly useless customer service representatives.  The apparent senior customer services advisor isn’t even authorised to send an email.  When asked if he could email me an address to write and complain to – he told me he wasn’t authorised to send emails.

The customer service is an utter sham.  Mr Branson would be horrified if he know – I’m sure.

We had a service engineer booked today.  We rang them to cancel them a few days back (as the problem resolved itself and we don’t think it’s right to waste their time –  despite them being more than happy to waste our time having to ring them every day)  And lo and behold who woke us up this morning banging on the door – yes the Virgin Media engineer.  That’s right they can’t even cancel an appointment.

The last engineer that turned up here even stated that the customer services staff on the phones will just say anything to get you off the phone.

The good news it – I’ve been upgraded to 200mb broadband – which by the way is nowhere near that – and is unlikely to work at weekends.  I’d be happy with 20mb if it worked for more than five minutes and at weekends.

My advice to anyone thinking about changing to Virgin – is don’t.  Don’t even think about it.  Do anything, go anywhere, just don’t sign for life away.  And whoever you go to – be sure to ask if they will supply broadband at the weekends.  Virgin can’t guarantee that.

Absolute sham.

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